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A workshop in the healing studio

Past Lives and Future Paths

Opening the Door for a Glimpse into the Soul

Theree Hours of insight and inspiration

Edgar Cayce, world famous psychic, states "on the path of spiritual awakening, the seeker must address: past life influences and astrological influences". These two foundational elements are presented here as a taster as a positive opportunity to upgrade your soul contact.

In a safe peaceful relaxed environment you will be gently guided into a past life regression, opening the door for a glimpse into your soul.

Your own personalised Astrological Karmic Chart presented to you on the day will guide you in your soul sojourn by providing insights and clarity about:

  • Why you are here?
  • Your karmic goal in this life
  • Who, where and when you were in your past life
  • What unresolved karma you bring from that life
  • What you need to do to progress on your soul journey.

You will receive relaxation, healing and the opportunity to connect to the past life that connects to a key learning for you in this current lifetime.

You are in the loving, experienced care of Amanda and Patrick for the afternoon. Amanda specialises in Medical Hypnosis and Past Life Regression, daily seeing the healing benefits of these techniques. Patrick works tirelessly on his passion of bringing the joy of Karmic Astrology to people's lives. He see the clarity, purpose and healing a Karmic Chart can bring into a soul's life. He says it's like satellite navigation for the soul in this busy complex world.

Half day workshop 1pm - 4pm Sunday 31 March 2019

This event is $150, including your personalised chart and individualised talisman to support you on your journey. Limited to eleven beautiful souls seeking an uplifting experience.

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"Just a note of sincere thanks for your willingness to run your inspired workshop thus allowing yourselves to to be available for the benefit of others. I admire both your courage and open heartedness, all in all it was a great success, I am sure. Patrick, the flow of the workshop was brilliant" (Julie P.)
"May you keep working in this area and share it with many, for it is worth a great deal more than the $ aspect" (Anita M.)