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Amanda is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist specialising in pain elimination, freedom from anxiety, panic attacks, dental anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome. Be supported by a calm, nurturing professional, and expect guidance to bring long lasting change.

Amanda Wright at Hypnogenie offers a unique combination of clinical hypnotherapy and evidence-based, cognitive therapy (CBT) helping you make the changes you know you want to make. Get the effective lasting results now, naturally, drug free.

With a background of real life, professional experience and skills, Amanda is professionally trained in all aspects of mental health, wellbeing and injury management to target the specific attributes that are holding you back. She combines her extensive knowledge of holistic healing and lifestyle guidance to help those who want change.

Having enjoyed a highly successful corporate career in safety, health and injury management, Amanda knows the impact that pain, and debilitating health conditions can make on career, lifestyle and personal freedom. She has chosen hypnosis as her preferred therapy because of the significant, lasting and positive results it achieves rapidly.

Amanda’s style of hypnosis uses calming, peaceful relaxation techniques to induce a hypnotic state allowing the therapist to bypass the rational, conscious mind, and connect with the client's subconscious mind. In this deeply relaxed state, hypnosis is clinically proven to effectively help clients resolve negative habits and reverse many behavioural issues by providing positive new suggestions which then influence clients’ thoughts and behaviour at a deeper, subconscious level.

Feel healthy, relaxed, in control and excited about life, able to live your normal, full life again.

Hypnosis is effective for many conditions including managing stress, aiding relaxation, reducing tension, eliminating chronic pain, and managing the symptoms of IBS. These are the conditions most people come to see Amanda about. Improving the quality of peoples’ lives is why she is so passionate and enthusiastic about her mission for you to “live the life you wish for” free of pain, free of anxiety and free of IBS.

Hypnosis can be used to treat these issues by itself, usually through a series of sessions to ensure the effective retention of the suggestions in the mind; or it can be supported by an additional and effective suite of cognitive-based therapies Amanda offers.

Contrary to many portrayals in fiction, a clinical hypnotherapist has no power over the hypnotised person. The treatment is comfortable and relaxing, and the subject is typically aware of everything that happens both during and after the hypnosis session. Hypnosis also can be effective when people are treated in groups. 

Hypnosis is also effective in controlling bad habits, including over eating, sugar addictions, smoking and vaping. It is often used to improve academic and physical performance including childbirth.

Amanda offers a FREE 20 minute telephone consultation. You can ask anything you want about the therapy. Email, text or call Amanda to arrange a suitable time to discuss. Please make sure you are available to take the call once a time is confirmed. Contact Amanda now.

Amanda’s qualification include: Bachelor of Arts – Social Science, Graduate Diploma Public Health, Master Clinical Hypnotherapy, Qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Crystal Light Therapist. Amanda is an advocate for natural healing methods and is constantly upgrading her qualifications.